Nashville, Tennessee

Welcome to James A. Freeman & Associates, P.C.

James A. Freeman & Associates is a firm dedicated to providing
experienced, professional, client-centered representation to the businesses and individuals it represents.  The Firm is small by design, offering a cost-effective alternative to typical large firm representation for its clients.

A strong attorney-client relationship is the first step toward achieving a favorable result in any legal matter, whether it involves forming a corporation, negotiating a business deal, drafting a contract, handling business disputes or personal litigation.

The firm serves both individual and business clients, whether their needs are simple or complex, in middle Tennessee, southern Kentucky and northern Alabama.  However, with our depth of experience and central geographic location, we practice anywhere in the country our clients require.

Contact Information

     (615) 383-3787

Toll Free (Outside the State of TN)
     (866) 358-2330 

     (615) 463-8083 

Postal Address 
     2804 Columbine Place, Nashville, TN  37204

Electronic mail
     General Information: claw@jafreemanlaw.com

     Webmaster: claw@jafreemanlaw.com

Use of this website does not create an attorney-client relationship.
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